Battle Won, But War Still Ongoing

26 02 2011

Vegas Strip


In my last post, Word Count Wars I was still in the trenches, working to increase word count without decreasing the narrative that threaded through the story.

I’ve gone over the goal of 15, 000 words; which is usually a small amount of word count for me. Reworking of an existing piece of my own has proven an entirely different process than laying out the story from a blank page.  Even in the short time since I’d written the original piece, I’m finding things that have already been edited that I want to fiddle with. I’m hoping I have done so without over-editing myself or loosening structure that was already tightened.

Word count is a relatively new benchmark for me. Before, I’d just keep track of page count and finding points in the plot where a chapter break would be best used. Word count first came into play for me when doing Nanowrimo and I found the structure of the word count and having a goal in a set amount of time focused me more on a concrete goal than getting to a certain plot point. Sometimes, I find that certain plot point is like the Vegas Strip. It looks sooo close, but you start off towards it and you’re tricked by the way things are laid out. Next thing you know, you’re exhausted, have blisters on your feet and it still looks as “close” as it was when you started out.

Even though Nano is long over, I still try to keep my word count at 2500 words a day in new work when I’ve set aside time to write. I use a counter to mark my progress over the week, giving myself a 10k goal, because life happens and even though I’d like to write 7 days and get a word count of 17, 500 a week, let’s be honest here, that’s probably not going to happen.

And really life should happen. If it didn’t, you’d have nothing to write about.








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