Adventures in Networking

1 12 2011

One thing about working and living  in one city and having a house in another is almost every time I’ve come back to the house I own for a few days of packing and organizing and fixing, I almost always have to reset my entire network here. The one utility I’ve kept here at the house, besides the essentials like water, gas and electricity, is the internet. It may seem a little odd, seeing as Im hardly ever here for more than a few days, but it’s the only way I have any sort of entertainment at night.

Tonight was the mother of all resetting though. Firmware update, removing a router from the ip phone service I disconnected and then resetting my modem, the wifi router and reconfiguring the connection on everything that was connected to it, since it only wanted to give an I.P. address to one device at a time.  All that practice at walking other people through things like this for the last four months has come in handy.

Now that I’ve gotten everything back up and going, I’m hoping I can get some writing time in along with the packing and fixing and organizing. Although.. I probably should have kept it down if I really wanted to get a lot done. I would have gone crazy, but a lot would have gotten done.




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