The strangest things come out over lunch.

2 12 2011

I had lunch with two friends who I’ve known for about 15 years or so. Both married, happily so. We’re the type of friends that have such a comfort level with each other that we can say pretty much anything to each other. Topics ranged from a boob job that one had a few years ago, the tummy tuck the other was considering after two c-sections had left pouch in their wake. All pretty normal things.

Then things took a sexual turn and two ¬†happily married people that I never though would be involved in something and, to my surprise, both were. They’d both gotten involved in this scene independent of each other and both of them were shocked that the other was into it and it was very interesting to be witness to disclosures like that. it was a good reminder that you never really know every facet of either a person or a couple. And because I had information on them that no one else knew, I told them something about myself that only one other person in my real life knows. I’m a good friend like that. =)

It was a good real-world lesson in character depth. That you may think you know your character, but there a facets of them that you consciously haven’t thought about and have the ability to surprise you when you work on developing that character more deeply.

And things that you may not think are mainstream are actually a lot more common that you would ever think. To bring it down to a geek level, I call it the Buffy Test myself. Yes, as in the Vampire Slayer. Bring up that show and you’d be truly stunned the people you think would never watch that show that did/do watch it ¬†and love it.

I like it when people and characters surprise me with hidden depths. How about you?