First Rejection Out of the Way

12 04 2011

Yesterday I heard back from the publisher I’d sent out my novella to and they took a pass on it. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. If you’re going to try writing to publish, you’re going to get rejection. And I knew going in that this story may not work on its own as a novella, it’s probably going to work better as part of an anthology, so that’s going to be the next step in its evolution. I had to try to see if it could be published on its own first, just to see if maybe it would work.

Bait is a little creepy and I knew it may not work as a mainstream work, so now I’m looking over Halloween anthology calls for submissions, to see what would be the best fit. We’ll see.

I remember reading in Stephen King’s On Writing, which is one of my favorite books on writing and he describes about impaling his rejection letters on a spike on his wall and when it became full, using another one. So really, one is not a big deal, especially when I figured it was coming.

It doesn’t mean you don’t start questioning yourself, your writing and whether you can actually write well. But, I’ve been writing long enough and been reading books on writing for too many years to let me talk myself out of continuing. Even if I never get published, I’ll still write. This rejection is just one of the milestones when you try to write for more than yourself.

And now, back to work. Because if there is one thing I’ve learned from all the things that have happened in my life, both good and bad, is that you have to keep going to get through it or get it done.

“Successful writers are not the ones who write the best sentences. They are the ones who keep writing.  They are the ones who discover what is most important and strangest and most pleasurable in themselves, and keep believing in the value of their work, despite the difficulties.”- Bonnie Friedman

Adding Flesh to Bone

24 03 2011
It’s funny, when you’re working you think if only I could just write all the time. If I had nothing to do but write, I’d get so much done.
Then you don’t have anything to do and you can write all the time, but somehow you don’t.
I was on a sick leave from work for a month, during that time I got the work I just submitted a few weeks ago to a publisher re-written and edited. I was pretty much not able to leave the house, due to the nature of the illness, so it lent itself getting that work done.
The situation with the health got better during that time, but when it came time to go back to work, it flared back up in a big way. It’s one thing to say your work is making you sick, but it’s quite another when it actually does make you sick. Dealing with the absence management company that my work contracts for short term health issues was its own joy. The end result was me resigning from the company, because there may be many things I’ll just shut up and get on with it and ignore, but getting an ulcer is not one of them. I’m sorry, but you don’t pay me enough to deal with an ulcer on top of everything else you heaped on me for 10 years.
So now, since Monday, I have had all day to write.  How much writing have I gotten done?
Less than a page.
To be fair, I’ve plotted out two different ideas for storylines and done research on locations and plot points, but actually getting down to putting flesh on those bones? I barely have my toe nails covered with what I’ve done.
Maybe I just needed those three days to get over  the sudden loss of a job I’d put 10 years I can’t get back into.  I realized how little writing I’d done today, and now that I have , I’m determined to get back into a writing schedule. I’ll kick myself  later if I don’t use this downtime productively.  It’s not like it comes around a lot.
So, as of Tuesday I’m going to get myself on a schedule. Tuesday is because I’m on nephew duty this weekend and if you’ve ever taken care of a 6 and 4 year old, you know that nothing gets done when they’re up and you’re too tired to do anything when they’re asleep, other than fall into a low-level coma yourself.
Time to take this unexpected windfall of free time and  put it to use. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some flesh to be writing onto bones. Maybe I can get up to where toe meets foot tonight.

Kicking My Baby Out of The Nest

8 03 2011

After the writing of the original a year ago and feeling that the short that I wrote could be good enough for publication, months of talking myself into giving it a go, more months of re-writes and polishing, four readers and and an amazing few edits by Shae later… I’m finally ready to send this off to the publisher to see how it goes.

Writing a two paragraph blurb and a one to two page synopsis of my novella was almost more difficult than the writing of the novella itself. After living with the storyline so long and knowing all the ins and outs of the plot, it was hard to distill it down to two pages and then further down to two paragraphs. And I thought revisions and editing was hard.

I’ve received an email from the publisher that they’ve received it and it will be assigned to an editor to be evaluated.

Let the indigestion begin.

Wish me luck!