Off To The Readers

28 02 2011

The rewriting and editing is done. The word count has crept ever so slightly over 15k and I feel confident that the story I added was not just filler, but something that added to the value of the story I was telling.

Now it’s off to my four readers, who will edit, criticize and help me whip it into shape. Two of them are my regular editors and I’ve chosen two others who are familiar with my writing, one who read the original short and one who did not. This way I’m hoping I’ll get a good perspective from all of them and have it make the final draft as polished as I can make it.

Although I’m confident in the story I’ve told with this piece, it’s still a test of nerves to release it to them and wait for the edits to come back. You worry that after looking at it for so long, you’ve started to gloss over the faults and the story you have in your head is putting in details that you’ve not written, but should be there.

For now, I’m going to just let my readers do their job and I’m going to distract myself by editing the first novel written by one of my readers, who is probably playing the same nervous waiting game I am.