A Little Wednesday Whimsy

7 12 2011

I was wandering through some interesting links and stories on the internet this afternoon and came across a delightful little story.

An unknown person had started leaving paper sculptures made from books in several different libraries and museums around Edinburgh like this one.


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisdonia/6076308161/

They all came with notes from the artist conveying support of libraries and the other places that the sculptures were left. They’re all so detailed and so beautiful that, as far as I know, they’re on display for the public to marvel over at each location.

People love a good mystery and there were always a lot of hidden literary references, combined with the fact that no one knew who did them, it was an irresistible combination and captured the imagination of a lot of people. There was even a poll when a person at one of the locations thought they may know who it was on whether the name should be given. The public actually voted on not knowing who it is. Good for them! There is far too little mystery in the world today.

The whole timeline and pictures of the 9 other sculptures are here,


Enjoy a few moments of Whimsy and mystery (one that is still unsolved and may it be forever that way!)